“And she’s barely five-foot-two. She’s a hurricane.”~The Fray

She wasn’t like the other girls, that was for damn sure. She had a way about her, whether unintentional or otherwise, that seemed to draw people in; men and women alike. She was cheerful and charismatic, always happy and smiling–her joy was contagious. Men in particular took a liking to her, becoming infatuated after a single conversation, which she tolerates for the most part, and even encouraged at times. She was what most people referred to as a “people person”. She was sensitive to others feelings, conscious of her own actions and their impacts on others… 

She was alluring; even the thought of her was enough to seduce some men. She had such a provocative innocence about her that men nearly tore themselves apart trying to protect her, whilst still lusting after her… They coveted her. They craved her attention and her touch. They were enamored by her. She was the sweetest, most pleasant girl anyone could cross paths with, yet she was still a fiery little thing. 

She could be a bit of a hot head at times, especially when disrespected. She knew her value and wasn’t afraid of putting a man in his place. She could be exceptionally cold at times, as well, when you no longer struck her fancy, and once out of her favor, a man would have a terribly difficult time regaining it. As charming and endearing as she was, she was a hurricane. She could bring a man to his knees in seconds, rip him apart, and leave him there, bleeding, without a backwards glance. 


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